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To cut a long story short: YES.

Myprotein has been on the supplement market since 2004 and is constantly battling with unpleasant rumours, false statements and speculations, which are spread by YouTubers, among others.

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Initially, it was the accusation that Myprotein was putting unclean goods on the market, because MP products were not part of the Cologne list. However, the company from England has been able to dismiss this accusation. Because in the meantime Myprotein has Have products tested). By the way: The GOEERKI from the video is now Myprotein Athelete. ?

Laboratory tests, certificates & test procedures

Logos and certificates of Myprotein products. a.o. Cologne List
Certificates / Tests. Source: Myprotein logo in blue, subtext: Fuel your AmbitionMyprotein regularly has the following laboratory tests, examinations and resulting certificates carried out:

  • Cologne List (laboratory test of purity and doping-free product confirmed)
  • TÜV Rheinland (ISO 9001)
  • EURO LEAF (ingredients from Europe)
  • NSF Knight
  • LABDOOR (Award: Best Brand)
  • ALS
  • INFORMED SPORTS (like Cologne List)
  • FSA (Food Standards Agency)
The state-of-the-art NAH X-ray machines guarantee that each bag is like the other. A 3 millimetre filter system guarantees 100% purity so that only powder goes into the bag.
Myprotein produces for the European market exclusively in its own factory buildings in Warrington, England. Another production site is located in Bulitt Country, USA.