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Preparation time plus freezing time. Prices as of 10.07.2018,6:30 pm

Popsicle Cheat day or not: especially in the warm summer months, ice cream is a must. It should be low in sugar, contain few calories and carbohydrates and at best also contain a good portion of protein. We have taken a closer look at the most popular protein ice creams.


#1 The clear protein contentWinner is the new ice cream from Foodspring. With incredible 37 grams per serving this new product is so far the unbeaten leader. The price of 4,16? per 100 gram However, this has a somewhat negative impact. Therefore half a point deduction.


Unfortunately, the protein ice cream from Myprotein was the worst in our comparison. The taste is more reminiscent of a frozen protein shake. Although 34g per portion cannot be dismissed out of hand, the substitute product should taste good, especially when it comes to ice cream.

Smacktastic by ROCKA Nutrition is the second most expensive but also the tastiest Whey ice cream in our test. The fancy flavours make everyone happy. We only deduct half a point because of the added sugar and the comparatively low protein content.

The Protein Ice Cream from Allnutrition has the second highest protein content in our comparison. Although no industrial sugar was used, the time-consuming preparation resulted in a deduction of one point.

The cheapest but also lowest-protein alternative is SCITEC's "Protein Ice Cream Light". It takes about five minutes to prepare and the flavours are nothing too creative. However, the taste of this product was convincing.

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