Grundig TV Apps: Airplay, Amazon Instant Video & Co. on Grundig TV ? Instructions

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"If Grundig can't manage to install sensible apps on the TV on its own, you have to help yourself."
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Timo B.
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Grundig TV Apps

Basic functions and hack for expanding the Grundig TV Apps

Advanced Smart TV functions on Grundig TV sets are often in demand. The Grundig Compared to other in-house TV app stores, Smart Interactive TV's own app store has relatively few and also unexciting applications to offer. It is not unusual for the user to miss Airplay, Amazon Prime Instant Video the 7TV appZattoo Live TV or an internet radio like RauteMusik on Grundig televisions. Why Grundig does not feed its Appstore with these relatively important and interesting applications for the German market remains uncertain, but multimedia expansion options often contribute to a purchase decision.

Airplay, Amazon Video, ZDF Mediathek, 7TV App, Zattoo on Grundig TVs

A Grundig Smart Interactive TV owner is only limited for a short time and does not have to do without things like video streaming, Airplay, the 7TV App or Zattoo TV. With little helpers like the FIRE TV Stick from (Click: Info) any TV with an HDMI connection can be easily expanded with these useful gadgets. All you need is Wi-Fi - and off you go. The Android-based multimedia streaming stick from Amazon is simply plugged into the HDMI connection of the TV, the HDMI connection is selected in the TV menu and off you go. After a short setup and a short (free) app download, the user now has access to the entire extensive Smart TV world known from Samsung, for example. ARD Mediathek, ZDF Mediathek, Netflix, Spotify, Airplay, UPnP, DLNA - even games can be played on the Grundig TV, thanks to the TV Stick. The Fire TV Stick costs only 29.90? and is available exclusively here at Amazon: Click

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