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Introduction & discount link is the best blockfolio alternative on the market - and can do much, much more. Portfolio overview, Automatic import of trades, wallet import and Tax reports. The All-In-One Solution from 8,99? per month. Very wisely invested money. With our Discount link you save even again 10% (so you only pay 8,09?).

You can pay in $, ?, ? or over 50 other altcoins.

Instructions: How to get the discount:

  1. Use our 10% Discount link to register or upgrade your free package
  2. 10% discount is automatically deducted in the shopping cart

Scope of services prices march 2021, a company from Munich, offers several packages, including a Free version to "sniff", with Limited range of functions, without automatic import, with advertising and a Tax report in which up to 100 transactions can be processed per year. This is certainly a good basis for small investors. 

Who but more than once a month BTC buys, probably trades on several exchanges and has to manage various wallets of its own, mined or coins in the Staking has, for whom a Pro, Expert or Unlimited version more than recommendable

But we will go into the individual packages later.

The most important functions at a glance

Detail - this is what it looks like from the inside

The Dashboard

The dashboard is the home page, the general overview of your portfolio.

cointracking info dashboard

Here you will find useful information on the Total value in eurosdollar or BTC. Even the Total value less paid-in real currency (total account value) is always at your fingertips. You also receive interesting additional information such as the date of your first and last trade and the current BTC price.

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Screenshot of the website from 02.03.2021
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